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The Strathmore Overnight Shelter is seeking new volunteers to join their team.

The shelter helps the community by taking people who have nowhere to live. The organization also gives individuals the opportunity to access resources to help them get back on their feet.

New volunteers would be tasked with different goals, such as helping with the intake of guests, maintaining security, cooking meals, cleaning and doing laundry.

“It’s a huge need, whether the shelter was here or not, we had the people amongst us. I think it’s great that we can bring them in to a warm, safe place,” explained Pastor Elizabeth Karp, Executive Director for the Strathmore Overnight Shelter.

The busiest time of the season for the overnight shelter is when the weather is either extremely hot or extremely cold. According to Pastor Karp, the shelter was at full capacity during the summer, “People want out of the heat, they want out of the cold. They are hungry, they want somewhere to shower, somewhere to get clean.”

“A huge thank you to our community for their support and outreach and dropping off stuff and donations, we really appreciate it,” said Pastor Karp.

If individuals are interested in volunteering for the Strathmore Overnight Shelter, fill out the application on the shelter’s website at

The shelter will be holding their next fundraiser in December, called 25 Days Of Christmas. Every day there will be a new item that can be donated such as food, coats, socks, and gloves. Each of the 25 days will be posted on the shelter’s website.

Originally published on October 8th, 2019 by Strathmore Now. Written by Chris Mulder

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